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Isador Egyptian Sheets covers and have jacquard on it

Isador is a name of Greek origin that means “the gift of Isis”. Its modern use is “strongly gifted” or “gifted in many ways”.

The Egyptian goddess “Isis” is the goddess of fertility whose worship spread out from the Egyptians to the Greco-Roman world. It was believed that the Nile River flooded every year because of the tears of sorrow that Isis wept for Osiris.

The Nile river was the main reason for the fertility of the soil and the flourish of Egyptian Cotton which formed a great part of the Egyptian Civilization.

After the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great, Isis became known as: “Queen of Heaven”.

Isador is one of the world’s leading home textiles brands, providing exquisite bedding, luxurious bath linens and fine table linens to homes and prestigious hotels.All our fabrics are created using only the finest 100% superfine pure Egyptian cotton.

Applying our know-how using the state of the art technologies in Spinning, and weaving, we create a very fine greige fabric in different thread counts and constructions.These fabrics undergo very long and complicated yet precise processes during dyeing and finishing, including singeing, mercerizing and dyeing using the highest quality European made dyes that assure the highest degree of light and wash fastness of the finished fabrics. The result is an unmatched luster and softness.

Isador Egyptian Sheets covers and have jacquard on it
Each individual item is then cut and sewed by hand to precise specifications. Our products unique designs come from the United States and France to be made in Egypt, the homeland of the Egyptian Cotton, from extra long staple Egyptian cotton of the highest Giza Grades (Giza 87 or 88).